Do you have a diverse product offering and a high volume of transactions? Set your pricing with confidence. Reach your financial targets through data science based price optimization. I work with clients and their transactional data to:

Discover value hidden in product, customer, and/or order attributes.

Build price optimization models and algorithms that equate price to value based on data and a strong statistical foundation.

Recommend price adjustments based on the financial metric the client wishes to optimize.

Determine recommended price adjustment cadence

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The Client Experience - Price Optimization

Confident Price tailors price optimizations solutions specific to your business needs harnessing the most flexible and powerful publicly available data science tools available. To guarantee the most optimal results, we will work together to build, market test and measure success on subsets of your product offering. When you're ready, we'll then deploy on a broad basis.

Avoid the need for investment in expensive pricing software with limited optimization capabilities. Keep the ability to tweak and adjust models over time as your business evolves. Using my proven method, you will realize sustainable increases in pricing and margins with little or no impact to top line sales.

Clients implementing only one round of price adjustments typically realize mid to high single digit increases in selling prices with little or no adverse volume effect.

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Your Benefits

No need for capital investment in pricing software

Measurable profit gains and improved cash flow, improved ability to reinvest

Efficiencies gained by turning a time consuming and error-prone process into a more value-added, scalable process

Reduced time spent on internal price negotiations and rework, Improved collaboration and transparency

Guaranteed results*

*Limited offer. Defined by terms and conditions. Inquire for further detail.

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