Moneyball for Business

I am fascinated with numbers and data. Like many boys, I grew up with collecting baseball cards and knew the statistics of all my favorite players.

When personal computers arrived, I turned to spreadsheets to manage a Rotisserie Baseball league. As my educational career progressed, I learned more about statistics and Decision Science. At that point, I knew my career was going to focus on using data for improved decision making. I just didn’t know exactly where or how. For several years I wandered around in traditional Business Finance and Accounting related roles. Then I found my home in Pricing in the early 2000s. Now I use my passion for turning information into insight to advance decision making in Pricing . I've used this experience to improve client profitability in both manufacturing and distribution. As technology has advanced, I’ve also expanded my knowledge base into AI. Now I'm also deploying machine learning based price optimization solutions. At the same time, this saves my clients the need for expensive third party software.

One of my all time favorite movies is 'Moneyball'. It blends together my passions for sports, statistics, data based decision making and creativity to build a winning story. If you're familiar with 'Moneyball', you'll find me to be some combination of the film’s two main characters, Peter Brand and Billy Beane.

"I’ve used my passions for turning information into insight to advance Pricing decision-making and associated profitability across a number of businesses in both manufacturing and industrial distribution."

David Kamm  |  Founder
David Kamm  |  Founder

Custom Solutions for Strategic Advantage

I assure clients have optimal pricing that aligns to their value proposition. Building rigor and logic into pricing provides you with the confidence that you are getting the price you deserve.  This reduces the propensity to negotiate away value through discounting and off-invoice arrangements.

All those benefits manifest themselves into strategic advantage. Are you looking for a window to future growth, more freedom to reinvest, and to maximize profits?

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Why Choose Confident Price

Work with a professional that possesses the rare combination:

Broad Director-level business and Pricing Strategy experience
Requisite technical and data skills, and
A thorough understanding of relevant mathematical, statistical, and/or machine learning principles

Working together we will discover the value your customers place in your product or service offering. We will then adjust your pricing by combining our knowledge of learned value in light of internal and external constraints.

Let's realize your greatest profitability potential. Let's design and implement pricing solutions to fit your custom needs.

More limited investment vs popular pricing software solutions
Customized solution with greater flexibility vs off the shelf solutions
Free 30 minute consultation
Initial discovery process to validate known sources of value
Time tested thorough process to discover hidden sources of value
Guaranteed results*

*Limited offer. Defined by terms and conditions. Inquire for further detail.

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