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70%+ of companies have merely established controls in order to assure conformance with policies, usually set by an Accounting or Finance function, commonly referred to as the ‘Sales Prevention’ team.

Less than 1% of companies have executed Pricing ‘mastery’, where pricing management withstands the test of time. Pricing is recognized as a strategic capability, enabling routinely superior business results.

ConfidentPrice works with you to:

Go get superior business results

Build out effective teams for management of pricing analytics, price setting, price execution and performance management

Manage deployment of specific pricing initiatives

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The Client Experience - Building Functional Excellence

I often run across clients that plan on building or expanding their pricing function but lack pricing leadership experience and expertise. If that is your situation, I'll will work with you to understand your objectives, expected deliverables, budget and timeline.  We'll then agree upon a plan to get there.

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Your Benefits

Work with a business person with a proven Pricing Strategy track record that understands the big picture and designs solutions around both financial goals and pricing process gaps

Bring in a leader that understands the detail data and technical challenges that often act as the barrier to implementing pricing related solutions

AI expertise. Work with a resource that has deployed AI in the the pricing arena without the need for expensive software. If your organization can’t get beyond simply talking about AI, Confident Price is the solution for you

Gain the benefit of collaborating with a partner that has worked alongside world class consulting firms to plan and deploy transformational margin management programs

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