Maximize Profits through Optimal Pricing

Spending too much time and effort haggling internally over right pricing?

Do you feel that you don’t get the price you deserve for the value you deliver?

Are you easily giving away unnecessary discounts to customers, lowering your profits?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, fear not. These are all common symptoms related to sub-optimized Pricing management and process. The good news is that all of these issues can be overcome.

Strong pricing management is paramount to well-founded profitability management and growth strategy. Many different internal and external factors influence optimal pricing. Unfortunately most businesses concentrate on only one or two, yielding suboptimal results.

I work with your team to build custom solutions that optimize your return on pricing. Are you interested in gaining strategic advantage, measurable profit increases and higher cashflow?

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My Services

Pricing can never be outfitted with a one size fits all solution. As such, Confident Price customizes solutions designed around specific customer needs. The complexity and variety of products or services offered, employed sales channel, level of available competitive pricing information, and other factors all drive a wide variety of pricing related needs across different businesses. Confident Price offers end to end pricing management guidance and resolution for manufacturers, wholesale and industrial distributors and others. Primary services I offer include:

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David Kamm  |  Founder
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Machine Learning Enabled Price Optimization

Data science based price management allows clients to confidently set their public pricing to optimize financial targets.

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Pricing Decision Support Solutions

Helps you understand and quantify what your customers do and do not value. Provides understanding of true net cash profitability. 

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Build Functional Pricing Excellence

Build out effective teams for management of pricing analytics, price setting, price execution and performance management.

Confident Price also Offers Expertise In:

Improving the speed and quality of your quoting process

Creating mechanisms and process for improved internal pricing alignment and decision making

Pricing project management

Interim functional pricing leadership

Optimizing use of data and technology to maximize profits


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My typical clients are rich with data but aren’t sure how best to take advantage of their information. I work with clients to enrich and harness their data with value-added attributes. This allows you to gain insight into customer buying behavior, and price to the value you offer.

Confident Price works with all industries including services, construction, retail, transportation and others. However I tend to find manufacturing and distribution businesses most often brimming with an abundance of valuable, underutilized data and the greatest value opportunity.

Whether you’re selling to businesses or consumers, reach out and let us know your pricing pain points. Odds are that we can allow you to unlock value and unleash profits through services, tools, guidance and expert advice.

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